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A Guide to Racing Bikes

Road bikes or racing bikes are designed to go as quick as possible while likewise ensuring the rider's safety. They are mainly showcased as skeletons of bikes, however there is a reason they look so bare. Everything is toned down in order to conserve weight and enhance aerodynamics, which is important if you want to go as fast as you can. These two aspects will certainly assist offer more speed. There are numerous gears for racing bikes, but they are clustered together so that the cyclist can select immediately which gear to use for the event. The riding position is hunched over to offer less wind resistance. Some will certainly favour drop handlebars, which will make the rider to stoop over more. The tires are also very thin and extremely high pressured.

Types of Racing Bikes

There are numerous kinds of racing bikes. The most common is the conventional racing bike, which is best for road racing. The riding position is stooped over, however still high enough which allows the rider to see where he or she is going. It is also extremely fast.

Another would be the time trial bike, which is used to go as quick as possible around a circuit or an oval on a closed-off road. The riders are very much stooped over. Some prefer the use of extensions on the handlebars for increased comfort and grip. Others attach front wheels to modify the riding position to something even lower than the norm.

Another would be the track racing bike, which is raced indoors on oval circuits - without any brakes. A rider can only stop by decreasing the way they pedal, and the gear makes it impossible to suddenly stop pedalling. This racing bike is stripped down to the absolute minimum without any add-ons to make it lighter and faster.


On the plus side, racing bikes are extremely fast. The slick tires allow very little drag on the road, and the aerodynamic position keeps the wind drag to a minimum. On the other hand, due to the fact that the bike is extremely skinny, it's safe to say it might not win any awards for comfort in comparison to mountain bikes, for example.

Whatever your speed thrill though, the racing bike will most likely outstrip it. Racing bikes are quick, light, and extremely versatile. Here at GC Sports you can be sure that we have the perfect racing bike for you.

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