NANOO is the innovative entirely aluminium made folding bicycle, which is able to fold in 10 seconds and is transportable on its own wheels. Thanks to the design of the frame, you can easily transport it while it’s folded because, unlike other models in the same category, there’s no need to lift the bike; you just have to roll it along. This characteristic makes the NANOO bike unique and allows it to be particularly functional in day to day use. NANOO is available in an electric version with pedal assisted technology. It covers a distance of 30 Km and allows to move easily and with minimum effort, thanks to its 7 speed gears.

Nanoo Folding Bikes

FB – Folding Bike 12″

EFB – Electric Folding Bike 12″

FB – Anterior Dual Speed 12″

FB – Folding Bike 14″

EFB – Electric Folding Bike 14″

FB – Anterior Dual Speed 14″

FB – Folding Bike 16″

EFB – Electric Folding Bike 16″

FB – Anterior Dual Speed 16″