"More than fifty years of work, passion, devotion visions and recognitions for a series of creations and collaborations among the most prestigious in the world panorama. A mark founded upon a simple and ambitious intuition: to offer the technical excellence, the search and the design to every impassioned."





Anouk AN600 TR2

Offroad (MTB)

Oraklo 29"

Murdok 27.5"

Kyoto 29"


TT Matrix TM

This process integrates in the same mould the seat tube and the bottom bracket – to strengthen the frame when pedalling – as well as the steering area with diagonal tube to improve the responsiveness of the front end. By doing so, we significantly strengthen the frame critical spots, so that the whole body reacts to torsional stresses like a monocoque piece and not like a junction of fabrics.

Custom Size Technology

A custom-made frame allows reaching the best position on the seat, the position most suited for the morphological structure of the athlete. It is not the athlete that must adapt to the bike; it is the bike that must adapt to the athlete. Specifically, this means a smoother and more powerful ride, a more rewarding use of the pedal and no back pain – even after many hours of riding.

CFS Comfort Flex System

For those who know that strength is not everything. The Scapin frames are renowned for their great capacity in absorbing vibrations. Thanks to the optimisation of shapes and sections of the high rear stays, we have a better dispersion of forces, an excellent absorption of the ground unevenness and lesser incidence of the vibrations on the front end, reducing back muscle fatigue.

Double-Plate Dropouts

Scapin has designed this safe, waterproof solution: a double-plate gear stem of CNC-machined aluminium that embraces both sides of the carbon dropouts. This eliminates wear and preserves in time the frame. The dropouts, by becoming a sole body with the stays, are extremely strong and compact, reducing the flexions while changing the gear and increasing its precision.

High Quality Paint

The finer details can sometimes go unnoticed, but Scapin does it all with meticulous craftsmanship throughout its exclusive range of bikes. High Quality Paint is the best guarantee for the use of paints and adhesives, mixed together to make the Scapin frames, which are specimens of sophistication and style made in Italy. The end result: a truly beautiful and stylish design.

Post Mount On Chain Stay

The Post-Mount is a fundamental part of the construction of a frame. For years Scapin pioneered this type of technology and developed frames with the brake caliper post-mount placed in the lower carriage. This allows a better distribution of forces in the frame ensuring better braking and better control, significantly increasing cycling comfort.

Built With Quality

Direct Mount

The direct mount represents both safety and practicality. The problem of the compression of traditional strap aluminium leading to carbon fibre breakage is non-existent thanks to this particular fastening system. The direct mount improves the bike’s transmission in that is much more becomes solid, precise and safe for the user.

Press Fit

The Press-Fit System is used in the Scapin frames of the new generation. It provides much more opportunity in terms of compactness and enables the athlete to increase his or her area of movement. Scapin is proud that the Press-Fit System significantly improves the rigidity of the chassis while also offering a great clean look.

Inner Cable Routing

Inner Cable Routing is a design choice that allows hiding the threads of change and brake inside the frame, maintaining the fluency precision typical of the external wiring changes. Scapin brings this strategy to the extreme level of sophistication, safeguarding the components in movement and delivering aesthetics without compromises.

1.5 Tapered HT

The tapered head has now become synonymous with stability and steering precision. The increase of the lower section of the steering wheel, coupled with a fork tapered 1.5 inch increases the sensitivity of the steering and the distribution of impacts with the ground. This makes the bike more manageable and controllable in any condition.

Thru Axle

In search of the absolute perfect performance, the thru-axle ensures optimised geometry and extraordinary rigidity. Extensively tested in the field by our team officials, it leads the way in the industry as it provides a unique compactness between the wheel and the frame, significantly raising the athlete's performance.

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