Tufo Tubeless Bicycle Tyres

TUFO is the manufacturer of tubular, tubular clincher and clincher tyres for a broad spectrum of cyclo sports from road, triathlon, track, mountain and wheelchair. TUFO also produce carbon wheel sets and tubular accessories such as the world renowned, TUFO glueing tape and TUFO tyre sealant. Company TUFO was founded in 1991, based on more than 25 years of experience in rubber tyre industry of Mr. Miloslav Klabal – founder and spirit leader of the company in one person.

The top priority is the quality of TUFO products and therefore all the production is under direct and everyday control in the TUFO plant in the Czech republic. Most of the production is accomplished by skilled hand work, making it possible to concentrate on details, a very important factor in processing natural input materials and achieving maximum quality. Every tyre product from TUFO line is in a sense ”unique“. Today TUFO company is represented in 50 countries around the world and in the tubular market segment is one of the strongest.

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Road Cycling

Racing Tyres


Calibra 25

Calibra Plus

Calibra Plus 25

Calibra Lite <150g


S33 Pro

S33 Pro 24

S22 Special

Hi Composite Carbon

Hi Composite Carbon 25

Elite Ride

Elite Ride 25

Elite Jet <160g

Elite S3 <225g

Tubular Clinchers

C S33Pro

C S33Pro 24

C S33Pro

C S22 Special

C Hi Composite Carbon

C Hi Composite Carbon 25

C Elite Ride 23

C Elite Ride 25

C Elite Ride S3 <225g

Cyclo Corss

Cubus 33 SG

Flexus Cubus 33 SG

Primus 33 SG

Flexus Primus 33 SG

Dry Plus

Flexus Dry Plus

Wheel Sets

TUFO Carbona 30

TUFO Carbona 45



XC2 29" PLUS

XC2 27.5" PLUS

XC2 26" PLUS

XC5 29"

XC5 27,5"

Tubulars With Sidewall Protection


XC2 27,5" PLUS SP


XC4 29" SP

XC4 26 SP

XC6 29 SP

XC6 27.5" SP

MTB Wheelsets

TUFO XC LP 27,5"

Wheelchair Sports


MS3 28"

MS3 26"

MS3 25"

MS3 24"

WS3 24

S3 20" Lite <100g

Tubular and Tubular Clincher

Tufo's main products are tubular tyres and tubular tyres for clincher rims (tubular clinchers). Construction of both types is essentially the same, consisting of closed tubular toroid. Difference is only in the installation of the tyre on the rim.

How does the Tufo Tubular Clincher work?

When inflated, the tubular clincher, in the same way as a tubular, is pressed towards the rim. Simultaneously, the bead blocks of the profiled rubber band spread out embedding on the rim shoulders and eliminating any rotation of the tubular clincher against the rim as well as possibility of the tubular clincher unseating. The bottom profiled bead band does not function only as a filling in the area between the rim and the tubular clincher but also plays an active role. As the tubular clincher is inflated, the band sides literally “bite” into the rim shoulders.

Benefits of Tufo Tubular Clinchers

• high inflation pressures – up to 15 bars (220 psi) without any damage to the rim walls, even in a case when the rim manufacturer specifies lower inflation pressures (the pressure is contained inside the tubular clincher and does not affect the rim walls) • same riding quality as with tubulars • safe handling in case of punctures, the stability of a rider is not affected • in case of emergency, the tubular clincher can be ridden flat • the fastest and easiest installation and dismantling without any tools